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My husband and I can't say enough about the Rosenwinkel's. We started our very first Life insurance Policy with Ed Sr. back in the 90's when they were known as State Farm/Rosenwinkel. Soon after starting our Life Policies we changed our Auto Policies to State Farm/Rosenwinkel as well. We bought a home and then acquired Homeowners insurance with State Farm/Rosenwinkel. Over the years
Ed Jr. was brought into the business and we started working with him as well. It really didn't matter which we worked with, they both had our best interests at heart. Now, just so you all know it wasn't the name State Farm that we changed over to, it was the Rosenwinkel's. We were with them all the way til Ed Sr's. passing. The news of Ed Sr. passing was devastating and even more devastating when we learned that our policies were going to be handled by another agent. To us it isn't the name of the Insurance behind any of the coverage's it is the Agent. I made sure that when Ed Jr. left State Farm that I told the office staff if and when he came back to please let us know. We are so happy that Ed Jr. and his wife Tami opened Rosenwinkel Insurance. The Rosenwinkel's are back,(they are not State Farm but that didn't matter) and even better at the same office where we first started. Ed Jr. sits where his Dad sat and it was like I saw Ed Sr. all over again. Ed Sr. is still there in Spirit and it was so heart warming to walk back in there and feel like we are back home. Ed Jr. certainly is walking in his father's shoes, I'm sure he is looking down and feeling very proud. Insurance is a big part of Life and it so important to have an agent that cares about you. The Rosenwinkels' thanked us for our business, but really we want to Thank Them for coming back and serving us. Like I said We Can't Say Enough!
Manuel & Cherie Q.
We have had the Best experience dealing with Rosenwinkel Insurance. They have given us outstanding service since day one. Their knowledge and helpfulness is beyond incredible. We are so happy to be dealing with friendly and loving people. We have asked a lot out of them and they have ALWAYS came through. They found us the best prices with the best coverage and we could not be happier. I highly recommend Rosenwinkel Insurance to everyone. They will do the best and you will get the best from Ed and Tami!
Patricia Smith
Rosenwinkel Insurance has continuously provided me with the utmost quality service while also going above and beyond to provide me with updates on my insurance profile to ensure I am always receiving the best deal. Tami and Ed matched me with the optimal auto insurance coverage for my price range and are very attentive to my own individual needs. I plan to continue to do business with Rosenwinkel Insurance and would recommend their services to anyone!
Krystina Patricio
I was referred to Rosenwinkel Insurance by a friend after having a national insurance company serving me for many years. After making the switch, I couldn't be more happy. With a family of four, including two teenagers, Tami and Ed were able to save me over $600+ a year on my home and auto coverage. However, price alone is not what separates them from the competition, it's their customer service. Tami made the process very easy for me to understand and patiently answered the multitude of questions I had. I always felt that I was their number 1 customer and they treated me like family! Tami and Ed also found that my previous insurance coverage on my home was inadequate since it did not include flood insurance. Such a pleasure to work with both Tami and Ed. I've since recommended Rosenwinkel Insurance to several of my relatives and friends.
Robert Peters
They (Tami) were able to find me great coverage at much lower rates. Excellent customer service and an overall great experience with Rosenwinkel Insurance! Well done!!
Tim Barnaby
Experience, Knowledge, and Customer Service are priority at Rosenwinkel Insurance. I highly recommend them as not only did they get me top notch insurance coverage, they saved me hundreds of dollars for coverage comparable to what I had. They are easy and very nice to deal with, and work for your business.
Laura Skipper
I've had nothing but superb, old-fashioned customer service and great rates from Ed Rosenwinkel for years. It's awesome he has re-opened the family business and can now search several top rated insurance companies for you to get you the best insurance at the best price. I'd recommend anyone stopping by his office to see what he can do for you! I insure my house and two cars through them.
Chad Jones
Great service, great price. Glad I made the switch and you were able to help us. Love the personal attentiveness too!
Ken Skipper
I canny say enough great things about Rosenwinkel Insurance. They were amazing in helping me find a homeowners and auto insurance policy that were less expensive than my current policy with more extensive coverage. In addition they are always available with expertise to answer my questions and go above and beyond to assist me with anything they can.
Catherine Hohenzy Montgomery
Can't say enough about the great service I receive at Rosenwinkel Insurance. All my questions and concerns are addressed immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my family and friends.
Jean Ostergren Mirabelli
So thankful we switched to Rosenwinkel Insurance. Tami and Eddie are such a pleasure to work with!!! Very attentive with your insurance needs.
Lindsey Frigo Underwood
I can't express my gratitude for Ed and Tami. They have assisted in the needs of Survival Escape Rooms LLC's insurance needs in an extremely efficient and courteous manner. Very responsive. They are currently assisting me in my personal insurance needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Ed, Tami and HELEN!!!
Bucky Bachurek
The best customer service I have experienced anywhere, including Disney!
Tom Milton
Great experience! Went in just looking for a quote and walked out with a new policy. An even better policy then I could've ever imagined! Eddie and Tami are very knowledgeable and will work to get you the best quote and rate. The office has a very home-y feel to it. Much better than just your run of the mill insurance office. HIGHLY recommend to anyone who thinks they are paying too much for current insurance, because you probably are! Let Tami and Eddie show you how much you can save.
Brad Stallings
The YEARLY cost (685) to insure both my vehicles is just slightly higher than my old 6month payment on just my single vehicle. (My last payment for 6m was ~430 with SF) ???????? They go above and beyond to make sure you understand each step and question to to guarantee the best coverage for you! Go get a free quote to see what Eddie & Tami are able to save you!!
Katrina Jones
I found Tami Rosenwinkel (dealt with her) to be very helpful, friendly and a positive person when trying to get me the best deal for all my insurance needs. I was able to save a lot of money for my auto and home was well worth switching companies.
Diane Miller

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